About Technosports
The Technosports team has a proven track record in providing specialty support services manufactures in both automotive and non-automotive markets. The key to our success is our ability to adapt to the specific needs of our customers, working hand in hand or taking full responsibility, Technosports has the tools to take a project from design through manufacturing. Understanding the needs of the customer will always ensure Technosports continued growth and success.

Technosports can provide you with services that are without parallel. Our ability to perform for you quickly, cost-effectively and with the highest quality standards makes us the right choice for you demanding opportunities. Few companies have the valuable, hands-on experience that our team can apply to your project needs.

Technosports is the right choice to take your product from "art" to "part". By employing both traditional and advanced product development methods, we have what it takes to rapidly turn around projects as a single source supplier. Our management style ensures accurate and effective results. Our proven approach does not require you to manage us as a supplier. It is as simple as establishing the job parameters and letting us perform.

Our Management Style
We place the highest emphasis on the qualities of pride, teamwork, craftsmanship and unmatched customer service. While many feel these are intangible qualities, we beg to differ – these attributes can be seen and experienced in every product we produce. We firmly believe in doing the job right the first time!

The next step
We believe any long term, mutually beneficial, business relationship begins with opportunity. We encourage and invite you to challenge our experience, creativity and dedication on your next job. We are confident of our ability to meet and exceed any level of expectation you may have.

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